Hyrule is composed of several separate land masses which could be considered countries in their own right. Each of these may house smaller subdivisons, such as the four Provinces in the South. There are also towns of various sizes dotted throughout Hyrule and geographical features which run the gamet from mountain ranges to waterfalls.

Southern Hyrule (Hyrule Mainland)Edit


Western Hyrule (Old Hyrule Mainland)Edit

  • Rauru Town Ruins - Area just east of North Castle where Link lands after falling from Skyloft. Populated by only fairies.
  • North Castle Ruins - What remains of the Castle where the original Princess Zelda slept.
  • Tantari Desert - Home of a cave which houses a large Goriya, and a small settlement of Zuna
  • Ruto Town - Mountainous city, populated by a few humans and a band of Zolas who live mostly in the Northern Waters. Home of a spell-teaching wise man and the man known as Error.
  • Saria Town - Water town just north of Death Mountain. The River Man will lover the bridge over the river, allowing easy transit between locations.
  • Moruge Swamp - Swampy peninsula south of North Castle which houses a single hut and plenty of danger.
  • King's Tomb - Landmark with a tunnel just south that leads to the Island Palace. Graves marked include the King Nohansen (of Hyrule), King Mutoh (of Cobble), Brant, Bremeur, Doylan and Max (Cobble Knights)
  • Mido Town - Harbor town which connects Eastern and Western Hyrule.
  • Parapa Desert - Location of Parapa Palace and the hidden underground civilization of the Garo.
  • Island Palace

Eastern Hyrule (Old Mainland Island)Edit

  • Darunia Town - A network of caves in which people live and home of the traveling Goron Marketplace.
  • Nabooru Town - Oasis paradise in the middle of a desert and mountain expance which offers two large fountains among its houses. Home to a rogue Gerudo faction that broke off from the Gerudo Sky Pirates.
  • Valley of Death/Path of Fire - Small cemetary south of Nabooru Town that contains lava flows which connect to Subrosia.
  • Old Kasuto Town - Abandoned ghost town which houses the Ancient Library.
  • New Kasuto Town - A pseudo-hidden forest town which is now quite populous.
  • Three Eye Rock - Located at the southeastern Seashore and home of the Great Palace, now mostly in ruins.
  • Maze Island - Composed of a labyrinthine network of roads and houses a hidden grotto.

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